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The Welcome Team exists to help create an atmosphere where people step into a Kingdom culture where are they can encounter God. One of the great responsibilities that every Christian carries is to allow the impact of the kingdom to impact every context we are in creating a space where people encounter God. Being welcomed is a big deal. Whether you are a first-time guest or a member of the family a friendly smile, a hand shake and an offer to help if someone looks to be in need are the starting places. A cup of coffee or tea and a pastry are small but very important ways of helping people feel welcome. We all love to know what to expect and our hospitality team is equipped with the right information to help people navigate their experience on Sunday mornings. General information about restrooms, Children's ministry and the worship experience are vital and helping people feel welcome. Come join the team!

Led by: Bill Briley, Karen White For Ages: 0+ Meets: Every Sunday from 9:30am-12:30pm
Childcare Available? No Topic: Group/Team: Serve Teams
Location: The Building - North End Collective Church Status: Open

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