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The Collective Kids Support and Inclusion Ministry’s mission is to provide support for families who have children with special needs. We will seek to create a safe, nurturing, Christ-like environment so that all children can experience the gift of living in Christian Community where they can experience the love of God for them alongside of their peers. The vision of Collective Kids Support and Inclusion Ministry (CK Buddy Program) is to support families who have children with special needs who require extra support by fostering inclusion, safety and independence for the child within the children’s ministry. To come alongside a child who needs extra support during any given Sunday Service and help meet their individual needs so that all children can learn in community about the Father’s love. To support the entire family in a way that parents will find a place to belong, worship, rest in the peace of God and encounter Holy Spirit within Community where they are able to connect into vital relationships knowing that their child is safe and ministered to in a Christ-like, nurturing environment. To celebrate each child as fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator

Led by: Julie Briley For Ages: 0+ Meets: Every Sunday from 9:45am-12:00pm
Childcare Available? Yes Topic: Group/Team: Serve Teams
Location: The Building - North End Collective Church Status: Open

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